What We Do

GENNCO Holdings is a Canadian boutique advisory firm in Ottawa, Canada. GENNCO Holdings specializes in working with unique businesses that have solid fundamentals & strong growth prospects. We assist our clients in finding creative solutions to their business initiatives.

Investment Banking

GENNCO Holdings offers a range of investment banking services that we specialize in.

Real Estate

GENNCO Holdings offers a wide variety of services within the realty sector.

Business Advisory

GENNCO Holdings’ business advisory services aim to enhance the value of our clients’ businesses by working with management to find the most productive, strategic paths to accomplish their goals.

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Our team has been involved in over a billion dollars worth of successful completed transactions.

Some of the companies that our team has assisted over the years.

Our seasoned professionals have been influential in many deals over the years. We’ve had significant success in finding creative ways of meeting our clients needs and goals. We consistently strive to find the most productive solution to accomplish their goals in a timely and cost efficient manner.